I really enjoyed the consistency of staying in tune with my psychology. Writing things down brings awareness to it which really helped me. The flow of the journal works really well, and at no point did I feel a burden on my time or energy like I have in the past with some note taking exercises I have set myself.

– DH, Proprietary Trader, London


Performing at your best is something that can be learned. Once acquired it still needs a diary/monitoring to make sure it is sustained. I really liked the trading performance scorecard, with the 8 factors to assess myself against each week, and the daily sheets are great - writing down my observations, evaluations, planning was particularly helpful.

– LDM, Hedge Fund Manager, London/New York


I found assessing my daily stress, energy and mood to be very valuable for prompting a think about my state in which to trade. More importantly, they also caused me to think why they were what they were. Why was stress low? Why was energy high? Or the other way around, of course.

– SM, Professional Trader, UK


I found the structure of the daily and weekly reflection questions to be very helpful in consistently evaluating my trading performance.

– AW, Proprietary Trader, Dublin


I’m a trader of about 4yrs, who is still on the long path to consistent profitability. I’ll put myself in the break-even realm, but making some very good progress this year, thanks to Traders Mastermind and lately to the Traders Mind Journal in the last 2 months +. I fill it out every day, religiously and starting to see the benefits. My journaling was already quite detailed but this added another level of what I now realise is just as, if not more important. I shall be purchasing another as it’s definitely helping.

– CD, Private Trader, UK


"I think the very process of writing down thoughts and ideas creates a flow that no online journal can replicate."

– Mark, Trader, UK