Our New In-House Distribution Hub

Dear All

As many of you know, in September the Traders Mind Journal joined forces with Harriman House as a distribution partner to enable us to leverage their expertise and infrastructure primarily so that we could extend our reach via their global distribution networks, leverage their relationships within the book trade, and benefit from their success with finding international rights deals. It would also help to reduce some of the workload on us, freeing up some bandwidth to focus back on our ‘day jobs’.

However, there were some challenges that we encountered with this move, specifically around the service provided to individual customers, and as a result we have agreed with Harriman House to amend our partnership such that they will maintain distribution of the Traders Mind Journal within the book trade and with international rights offers, both of which they are exceptional at, and we will distribute and manage all individual and corporate orders ourselves.

Providing a high quality and personal experience to all of our customers is very important to us, and as time goes on, we want to build an engaged community of traders who share a love of trading, trading performance and journaling, and we have realised that this is going to be more effectively delivered if we have full control of the publishing and distribution process.

If you were caught up in the transition process during September, and experienced a level of service that was below what you would normally expect from us, then please accept our sincerest apologies, and be assured that we will be doing everything possible to avoid anything similar happening in the future.

We really appreciate the support of everyone who has purchased a Traders Mind Journal, and look forward to supporting you in developing your trading performance going forward.

All the best.

Simon and Steve

PS We have some exciting developments for the future, so watch this space!